“Well, here we are!” A commonly used phrase. I hear it most often from uber drivers when I haven’t been paying attention and they are politely letting me know we’ve arrived at my destination. It’s a euphemism for, “get out now.” This is why I named my site Here We Are. It is the realization that you have no choice but to step out of your ride, your usual habits, your usual thought patterns, and excuses. Get Out! The challenge is that sometimes, the location is one of such despair or regret or confusion that you fall from the vehicle unable to stand… how could this be my destination? Can’t I just continue to waste my life riding in the uber for the next 40 years? Other times, you arrive at a place with palpable opportunity and support. Fabulous! The reality is though, that we just are where we are. We are Here. Now. Today. The past is gone forever and the future has yet to be shaped by our present choices.

If we can view our current circumstances, our current Here, from a new perspective, we will see new opportunities. The challenge of Here We Are, is that it involves embracing risks that you would have previously written off with a lifetime of legitimate excuses reasons. The narrative we weave for ourselves about ourselves (and about those around us) is often the greatest limiting factor in our ability to connect with others and achieve our potential. Here We Are is a challenge to examine our current narratives and write new narratives that allow us to be authentic, connected, and energized.

The guests of Here We Are will mostly be people I have never met prior to the scheduled interview. The main reason for this is to avoid creating an echo chamber filled with voices and stories that are just like mine. I want Here We Are to be relatable to everyone regardless of politics, religion, or any other potentially dividing factor. Our human experience is the main theme of Here We Are: We, humans, all experience pain, loneliness, regret, longing, joy, curiosity, passion, hope, fear, benevolence… and the list goes on.

Here We Are is a platform to explore with strangers, and sometimes friends and acquaintances, the journeys they have taken. The struggles they have overcome, or have yet to overcome. Here We Are is not only looking for people who are perfectly adulting every single day (but that 0.01% of the population is welcome here too!). We are looking for people who are willing to honestly speak about their experiences about being kicked out of their uber and not knowing what to do. Or, who have been kicked from the uber and have stories to share of the wisdom and resilience they gained from failure and struggle.

Here We Are is a place where we can challenge each other to reach further than our current comfort zone recommends… we can reach further because this community recognizes failure as the greatest indicator of growth. Failure means you removed your mask and took a risk. And, at Here We Are, that means you get a damn unicorn! Welcome to the team!

Here We Are… what now? Well, I’d love to chat with you about that.

If you live in the Ottawa/Gatineau area, and have a life story to share, contact me. I’d love to dig in together.